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That one time when Madonna wasn't burning up the charts

Hot enough for ya? From the constant heat of Florida to the Midwest scorchers and finally the triple-digit temperatures in the Southwest, 2017 has been another year of burning up, but it's nothing new as in the '80s we were Burning Up with Madonna.

For the longest time we didn't profile Madonna on Lost and Found until 2016 when we spotlighted Gambler. Today we go back to 1983 for the single Burning Up that gets very little airplay on retro radio stations.

Even though most heard Burning Up first as an album track on Madonna's 1983 self-titled release, her humble beginnings started off a year earlier with two singles. Both Everybody from 1982 and Burning Up from 1983 did not hit the pop charts but were big hits on the NYC clubs with Burning Up hitting No. 3 on Billboard Dance Charts. …

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New podcast: What to expect on the next '80s Cruise

We're still eight months away from the 2018 voyage of The 80s Cruise, but it feels like the last one happened a century ago. (It was only March.) So for this week's Stuck in the '80s podcast, we invited Dane Butcher - cruise director of The 80s Cruise - to join us to spill some beans on what to expect for the upcoming trip.

Dane finally revealed the remaining theme nights and gave us a few hints as to what to expect on "The 80s Cruise Goes Green" Day and the annual "Prom Night" party. 

If you're not going on the cruise, there's still plenty in the podcast to enjoy, including Mystery Movie Moment, Name That '80s Tune and a special mini trivia challenge. Enjoy the show. 

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Trailer for 'Star Trek Discovery' is dark and wonderful

God bless, Comic-Con. Every year, it gives us some AMAZING previews of upcoming movies and TV shows. This weekend, we got a look at trailers for the Ready Player One movie and the new TV series Star Trek Discovery.

Every website out there has the Ready Player One trailer (here it is if you missed it - and if hearing Rush's Tom Sawyer doesn't do it for you, frankly you have no heart). But I'm almost more dazzled by the sneak preview of Star Trek Discovery.

From what we can tell from the two-minute preview, the Klingon empire has been in disarray for some time, and leave it to the United Federation of Planets to somehow stumble into a Cold War with their former allies. (Sorta reminds you of our current political climate, right?) 

Star Trek Discovery arrives on CBS on Sept. 24.

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Actor John Heard dies at age 72

John Heard, who played so many roles in the '80s but was probably best known as the dad in the Home Alone movies, has died, according to media reports. He was 72.

TMZ reports the actor was found dead in Palo Alto, Calif., hotel room just days after going through minor back surgery.

Among his notable '80s work are appearances in Cutter's Way, Cat People, Heaven Help Us, Big and Beaches. His fame continued in the '90s with In the Line of Fire and The Pelican Brief. His TV work included stints on Miami Vice and The Sopranos, for which he was nominated for an Emmy.

However, Heard might be best remembered for his two appearances as Peter McCallister (Kevin's dad) in two Home Alone movies. 

"It was REALLY fun. I took my son to the set a few times, and he would play with the kids on set," Heard once told the Baltimore Media Blog. "At the time, we didn’t know the movie was funny. We were playing the parents who lost their kid, so we didn’t how funny-stupid we could be."

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Until this song, Alan Parsons Project stood on much higher ground

Listening to yesterday's Keats song made me pine for more Alan Parsons Project music and today we dig deeper into their catalogue with Standing On Higher Ground.

Though no one has ever made the statement that the Alan Parsons Project were one of the best music video groups of the '80s, this is their fourth appearance on Lost and Found and they were always game for trying something new like their fabulous animated video for Don't Answer Me from 1984.

In 1987, the Parsons Project had their last hurrah of the '80s with the Gaudi album. Even though it sold okay, it was the first Parsons Project release not to have a single break into the Top 100. The only single released was Standing On Higher Ground and while it didn't make the pop charts, it was a Top 3 song on the Mainstream Rock Charts.

The video for Standing On Higher Ground finds a video monitor trying to decipher what is real and what is not when he starts experiencing the sensations of the videos he is viewing.  Taking lead vocals on Standing On Higher Ground is Geoff Barradale, lead singer of the band Vitamin Z and better known these days as the manager for the very popular band The Arctic Monkeys.

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From 'Boot' to 'Jacket' - Top 5 war movies of the '80s

The media is going nuts over Dunkirk these days, and rightfully so if the reviews are on target. In my family, going to a war movie was a rite of passage passed on from father to son. The only movies my dad and went to see together were war flicks. I can't remember who I saw Star Wars or any of the Benji movies with. But I know Dad was next to me for Midway and A Bridge Too Far.

In later years, he and I would escape to the living room to wach Patton, The Longest Day and even Saving Private Ryan together on cable. 

I won't pretend that the '80s gave us the best war movies - no decade could own such a vast genre - but here are five flicks from my favorite decade I wish I could watch again with Dad.


5. DAS BOOT (1981): "Not bad in here, is it? No mail, no telephone. Solid wood paneling. Well-ventilated boat. Free food, too. 'Rolling in clover' we are."

4. HEARTBREAK RIDGE (1986): "The United States' Marines is lookin' for a few good men - you ain't it." …

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Let's turn our heart around for this forgotten '80s supergroup

We love '80s supergroups that flew under the radar on Lost and Found and today we have one that was so far under the radar its almost embarrassing for music lovers. So today let's show some love for Keats and their video for Turn Your Heart Around.

If you love Alan Parsons Project songs, you will love Keats. Keats was an offshoot of the Alan Parsons Project with most of the members having served as a part of Parson's band of the bulk of his albums in the '70s and '80s. The lineup may not have a household name in the bunch, but perhaps a mini-resume of its members might persuade you give some love for Keats.

On lead vocals for Keats is Colin Blunstone - the voice of The Zombies who in the '60s produced some of the finest singles of the day with songs like She's Not There, Tell Her No and Time Of The Season. Blunstone's connection to the Alan Parsons Project was as singer on several APP songs including one of my favorites - Old and Wise from the 1982 album Eye In The Sky.  …

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30 years ago on Billboard charts, Heart was alone at top

It’s a shame that Nancy and Ann Wilson are struggling with family issues and have put Heart on the sideline for now. Thirty years ago, they were atop the charts with the hit Alone.

If you’ve never seen Heart play live, say a prayer that they’ll eventually work things out and head out on the road together because they’re truly not to missed - especially their performance of Alone.

By the way, Alone isn't a Heart original. It was composed by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly and first appeared on their 1983 pet project, I-Ten, on Taking a Cold Look. Later, Valerie Stevenson and John Stamos recorded a version for the soundtrack of the 1984 CBS sitcom Dreams. Twenty years after Heart topped the charts with their version, Celine Dion recorded her take on it.

Here are the top 10 hits for the Billboard 100 for the week of July 18, 1987:

1. Alone (Heart)

2. Shakedown (Bob Seger)

3. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston)

4. Don’t Disturb This Groove (The System)

5. Point of No Return (Expose)

6. Funkytown (Pseudo Echo)

7. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (U2)

8. Something So Strong (Crowded House)

9. I Want Your Sex (George Michael)

10. Rhythm Is Gonna Get You (Gloria Estefan)

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Fun they were, now somebody pick up the phone!

Music videos were fun enough in the '80s but when you add Fun Boy Three, the fun multiplies threefold as evidenced by The Phone Always Rings.

When The Specials split up in the early '80s, three of its members decided to continue to stay together and formed the new wave group Fun Boy Three. Their 1981 debut album was a U.K. hit and scored several hits including The Phone Always Rings that was a Top 20 hit in the U.K. in 1982.

Around the 2:40 mark there are many cameos in the video for The Phone Always Rings as most Americans will recognize the girls of Bananrama. Fun Boy Three is credited with bringing Bananarama into the limelight as their collaboration of It Ain't What You Do (It's The Way That You Do It) landed the girl vocal trio their first chart hit. Other notable cameos include Ian Dury, members of Madness and around the 2:46 and 3:00 mark, glimpses of British comedian Alexei Sayle, whom '80s movie fans might better remember as The Sultan in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade.

Fun Boy Three stuck around for only two albums when lead singer Terry Hall left to form The Colourfield.

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35 years later, ‘Summer Lovers’ shines more for music than romance

Back in the days when watching R-rated movies on HBO was the height of our teenage rebellion, perhaps no movie was more forbidden than Summer Lovers. The tale of an American couple (Peter Gallagher and Daryl Hannah) engaging in a romantic relationship with a French woman on the Greek island of Santorini probably stretched the censors at the Motion Picture Association of America to the edge of their seats.

Released on July 16, 1982, Summer Lovers confused movie-goers and critics alike. Was it a piece of erotic work? Or a beach movie? Or a romantic-comedy? (Some websites still categorize it as a straight comedy, which it surely was not.) At the very least, it delivered some amazing music. Two songs in particular are often associated with Summer Lovers - I’m So Excited by the Pointer Sisters and Hard to Say I’m Sorry by Chicago, which punctuates the emotional end of the film.

Other tunes by Depeche Mode, Tina Turner and Elton John also make their way onto the soundtrack. …

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Don't confuse 'Slap Shot' with Sylvia's 'Snap Shot' - only one was an '80s hit

One of the goals of the Stuck in the '80s blog and podcast is to take an entire decade and break it down to individual snap shot moments that defined the '80s. As far as the styles of the '80s, we need to look no further than the aptly named video of Snap Shot by Sylvia to marvel at the fashions of our favorite decade.

In 1982, country pop was just about at its peak as Kenny Rogers and Alabama were hitting the charts with regularity. Riding the wave was Sylvia and she scored a gold record with Nobody that hit the Top 20 on the pop charts. While Nobody is still heard occasionally on choice '80s retro programs, the single Snap Shot is a rare sighting.

Born Sylvia Kirby in Kokomo, Indiana, she was in her mid-20s when she burst on the music scene despite having the same one-name stage name as Sylvia (Vanderpool) who had a Top 3 hit in 1973 with the soft rock classic Pillow Talk. While no video was made for Nobody, the label got behind her for Snap Shot that was a Top 5 Country hit but did not chart as a pop single.  …

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New 'Blade Runner 2049' trailer doesn't disappoint

There's not a thing so far about Blade Runner 2049 that makes me want to bad-mouth this sequel to the 1982 classic. The casting looks great. The music gives me chills. And the latest trailer, uploaded Monday by Warner Bros. Pictures, just makes sci-fi fans want it more and more. October 6 can't come soon enough.

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Rocky sequel: Creed’s son vs. Drago’s son?!?

It’e been a while since we had something to report on Sylvester Stallone. So imagine our delight to double-dip today with two dueling new items. 

First, reports that Stallone has issued a public statement saying he has no involvement with the latest remake of First Blood. As we all know from our homework, 1982’s First Blood was the beginning of the Rambo franchise. But with Stallone now 71 years ago, we can understand him taking a pass on this. (Tiger Shroff has been cast to appear as Rambo in the remake with filming set to begin in February, but we’ll believe it when we see it. Remake attempts for Rambo have crashed and burned in the past.)

But here’s the more interesting scoop: Deadline also reports that Stallone is fixated on a sequel to Creed, the 2015 Rocky spinoff that focuses on the soon of Apollo Creed. And in this new movie, it’s possible that Creed (played by Michael B. Jordan as “Adonis Creed”) could actually fight the song of Ivan Drago, the villainous Soviet boxer from Rocky 4. Oh, we're all in.

Stallone has been posting Instagram pics hinting at the matchup saying “HISTORY WILL ALWAYS REPEAT ITSELF IN ONE FORM OR ANOTHER, JUST GOT TO BE READY!” 

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RoboCop turns 30: Come quietly or there will be ... trouble

Were you a fan of RoboCop and Blade Runner? Did you know how the movies are actually connected? 

Turns out that co-writer Edward Neumeier was helping out on the set of 1982’s Blade Runner when inspiration hit. In Blade Runner, cops are hunting down robots that look like humans. What if cops looked like robots as they hunted down humans? Bingo. 

Released on July 17, 1987, RoboCop tells the dark tale of a Detroit police officer who is gunned down in the line of duty but is revived in robot form. The story - set in the near future - is sprinkled with themes of corruption, privatization, greed, you name it. 

Fans adored it, giving way to a franchise that included two sequels, a TV series, mini-series, video games and a 2014 remake. RoboCop even won an Oscar for sound effects editing (while earning two more nominations for best sound and best film editing). Critic Roger Ebert called it "a thriller with a difference."

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about RoboCop on its 30th anniversary. …

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New podcast: Cult movie classics in the '80s

Do you remember a time when the phrase Midnight Movies actually meant something? You can go down to the neighborhood cineplex, hand over $3 and go in and see an amazing flick with your friends before staggering home around 3 in the morning. 

And the movie choice! Amazing! Anything from Spinal Tap to Rocky Horror to any of the four films we honor in this week's podcast about cult movie classics from the '80s: Where the Buffalo Roam, Ladies and Gentlemen - The Fabulous Stains, Rock n' Roll High School and Heavy Metal. The movies might have been rated R, but the podcast is not. (Took some mighty editing in a couple scenes to make that work out!)

We hope you enjoy it enough and send us suggestions for a Part 2 for this series. 

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