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10 Greatest Sweaters of the '80s



Rumor has it that it's "sweater weather" again in much of the country. (Not here in Florida, where it's still firmly "shorts season" for another month or so.) So that got me thinking, weren't the '80s really the apex of the sweater movement? Here are 10 unforgettable sweaters from our glorious decade.

1. KENNY LOGGINS' "ALIVE" SWEATER: Released in 1980, Alive featured Kenny's solo material to date recorded live, but what really was the uncontested star was the fuzzy sweater he wears on the album cover. I'm getting itchy just looking at it.

2. BILL COSBY: Once upon a time, Mr. Cosby was best known for his wardrobe. Times have changed. 

3. LAMBDA LAMBDA LAMBDA: Those crazy Tri-Lambs sported the coolest cardigans of the '80s in Revenge of the Nerds. (Honorable mention to the Omega Mu's.) 

4. JOAN CUSACK: She may not have had many lines in Sixteen Candles, but Joan made up for it with her sweater at the drinking fountain scene.

5. CLARK GRISWOLD: Oh, Sparky. Nothing ever goes your way, does it? At least you had the best sweaters for National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

6. NOW I HAVE A MACHINE GUN ... HO, HO, HO: Is it a sweater or sweatshirt? Who cares, it's still the best moment in Die Hard. (Buy it here.) 

7. RICKY's MOM: We're so sorry your mom blew up, Ricky. But before she did, she had the best sweater in Better Off Dead. (Too bad we can't count the aardvark jacket for this list.)

8. SAM MALONE: The iconic Cheers owner and bartender favored button-down shirts and Members Only jackets, but he did rock the occasional sweater. Even Norm had to be impressed.

9. BRIAN JOHNSON/ALLISON REYNOLDS: Warm, dark sweaters for a day of detention fits the bill in The Breakfast Club. So what if Allison's has a few dandruff flakes on it. (The movie used parmesan cheese for that scene, in case you needed to know.)

10. CHARLES: How comes Scott Baio's character in TV's Charles in Charge had no last name? Urban legend is that the show would eventually reveal that "Charles" was the grown-up "Chachi" from Happy Days. In any case, Charles at least knew how to rock a sweater vest in the '80s.


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