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Battlestar Galactica’s Richard Hatch dies at 71



When you’re a young boy growing up in the ‘70s and early ‘80s, the world was not short on TV heroes. You had the guys from CHiPs. Gil Gerald in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. The Fonz from Happy Days for crying out loud. But did any really compare to Apollo from Battlestar Galactica

Richard Hatch, who died Tuesday after a battle with pancreatic cancer, was the picture of cool, calm and responsible … oh, and he basically helped humankind survive the Cylon menace on their search “for a place called … Earth.”

Imagine how cool it was to see Hatch appear again — after years of lobbying for a remake - on the SyFy reboot of the Galactica series, only this time playing the rebel leader Tom Zarek - an enemy of sorts to the character he originally played. Goosebumps, I tell you.

In a 2008, Hatch gave an interview to where he walked about the nature of the characters in the SyFy reboot.  

“I think that every... no character is all good or all bad in the new Battlestar. I think that my character turned out to be an interesting kind of provocateur that could polarize and create conflict. Those kinds of characters are always good because it always creates interesting scenarios. You can kind of put them in different places, different slots, where they cause problems between the main characters of the show. Tom Zarek can come and go, but whenever he comes, he's always creating some kind of major issue or problem. I think that character evolved into that.”

God speed, Richard Hatch. 

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