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Here's the Devo video we wanted back in 1980



On my summer vacation I visited the Buckeye State. When crossing the state line, only an '80s nerd would sing to themselves - "what's round on the end and hi(gh) in the middle - O-HI-O", but that's what happens when you are Stuck in the '80s and also a fan of the pride of Ohio - Devo.

Devo was always ahead of its time in their music and also their videos. However, for some reason, we've only featured one other Devo video on Lost and Found, so let's go back to the start of the decade for Devo's first single of the '80s - Girl U Want. It might seem unbelievable in hindsight, but Whip It was not the first single off the 1980 Freedom Of Choice album, but rather Girl U Want.

The video for Girl U Want is the Devo video you want with the band and their energy dome hats playing before a crazed bunch of teenagers a la The Ed Sullivan Show. However, Devo puts their own twist on the parody with the purple tint, odd fan signs and a overweight man drinking a milkshake on an exercise machine. Also featured at the 2:25 mark is General Boy played by Robert Mothersbaugh Sr. - father of Mark and Bob Mothersbaugh of Devo - who seems to be controlling the movements of the two dancers on stage.

Girl U Want did not chart anywhere, which made the success of Whip It as a single a surprise as it achieved gold sales status and became Devo's only Top 40 hit. Girl U Want has been remade multiple times with its most popular version being Robert Palmer's 1994 rendition. It's been a while Devo was active with the success of Mark Mothersbaugh's film score career and the death of two of its members (Bob Casale and Alan Myers) this decade.

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