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In the '80s, this band kept their revolution quiet and private



With The '80s Cruise finally upon us, I've asked our good friend Dr. Dim to contribute a few extra guest blog items this week. Hope you enjoy. 

It was nearly four years ago, inspired by the yeoman work of Kevin Wuench and his Lost & Found series, that I started a series focusing on the musical output of lesser known artists during our favorite decade. I dubbed these artists Never Founds. They may have produced great music in the 80s, but none of it found its way onto the American Top 40 Pop chart.

It was inevitable that Mr Wuench's prodigious output would have him getting to some of my Never Founds before I could. But, I still want to give these artists a little more love, so I have declared this to be Wuench Beat Me to It Week.

First up is World Party. Welsh singer/songwriter/musician/producer Karl Wallinger left The Waterboys (a previously profiled Never Found) in 1986 to produce music under the band name World Party. The band's first album was ‘Private Revolution,' which was largely a true solo project. Wallinger had some outside help, but virtually the entire album is just him. The liner notes for the album lists a number of musicians' names, however most of them were just made up.

One of the actual outside artists was Sinead O'Connor, who can be seen in today's entry - the title track of World Party's 1986 debut album.

Although, World Party's single ‘Ship of Fools' did well on the American Mainstream Rock chart, it failed to find a larger Pop audience. So, I consider them to have been Never Found in the 80s.

- Jim ‘Dr. Dim' Fitzsimons


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