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One colour-ful cow puppet from Jane Siberry



While not common, puppets in '80s music videos did occur, most famously with Genesis and Land Of Confusion, so how do you top a puppet of President Reagan? After watching Jane Siberry and her video for One More Colour, all I need to say is "cow puppet."

At the suggestion on SIT80s Nation member "Sweet Lou" Grilli, Jane Siberry is second up this week on Canada Week and while she has enjoyed a long healthy career, the Toronto-born singer only has one Top 40 Canadian hit to her credit - One More Colour from 1985.

While One More Colour is a nice pop song featuring Siberry's beautiful harmonies, the story of One More Colour is its bizarre and endearing video. The weirdness starts immediately with Siberry and her cow puppet enjoying a Taster's Choice moment before cutting to Siberry taking an actual cow for a leisurely walk. So what's behind all the nonsense in a video directed by Gerald (Jerry) Casale of Devo? The point of the video it does no good to study and learn about something without actually encountering your subject, just like the very odd family that watches the film about atoms, while not realizing the splendor of a great collection of atoms on the outside - otherwise known as Mother Nature.

Siberry had several adult contemporary hits in Canada during the '90s and her latest album Angels Bend Closer was released in 2016.

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