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Watch Bruce Willis star in 'Death Wish' remake trailer



Bruce Willis as a one-line-quip delivering vigilante? Yeah, that’s believable. What’s so weird though is seeing the whole Death Wish franchise revived 23 years after the last installment. And yet, watch the trailer and that’s exactly what’s coming our way - with an AC/DC-infused soundtrack sprinkled on top.

Willis takes on the role of Paul Kersey, a man pushed over the edge when out-of-control violence takes the life of his wife. Death Wish isn’t a strictly ‘80s franchise. In fact, it began with the original 1974 movie that starred Charles Bronson as a man driven to vigilantism after his wife is murdered and his daughter is attacked during a home invasion.

Critics mostly hated the original flick, decrying its over-the-top graphic violence and message. That didn’t stop Bronson and Hollywood from making sequels, beginning with Death Wish II in 1982, then Death Wish 3 in ’86, Death Wish 4 in ’87 and Death Wish V in ’94.

The ‘80s influences in this new Death Wish movie don’t end with the earlier sequels. Elisabeth Shue will co-star as the wife of Willis. And the whole project itself was kickstarted into life back in 2006 when Sylvester Stallone announced plans to reboot and star in the story. 

Look for Death Wish in theaters on Nov. 22.

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