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We could be wrong or we could be right on how to pronounce this band's name



It's either Public Image Ltd. or P-I-L, only poseurs call them "Pill." That was my attitude back in my "If it's popular it sucks" days. Days I thought I had left behind, but Brad Williams has reminded me that old habits do indeed die hard.

Be that as it may, Wuench Beat Me to It Week continues with a song from John Lydon's band after the demise of the short-lived iconic UK punkers, the Sex Pistols. Actually, to call Public Image Ltd. a band would be wrong. They weren't a band, they were a company. Well, that's what a snotty Lydon insisted when he appeared on the ‘Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder' two years after the had launched in 1978. The interview is on YouTube and you can see that, although his name may have changed, the punk rocker is still Johnny Rotten to the core.

Today's song is ‘Rise' from their 1986 release: ‘Album.' The song reached #30 on the US Dance chart, but pop radio play? Not for this company. And listen closely to the guitar break. I swear part of that riff sounds an awful lot like Jimmy Page.

The company went on hiatus in 1992, so that Lyndon could pursue other interests. Public Image Ltd. relaunched in late 2009 and in 2015 they appeared on ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' to perform new material.

Jim ‘Dr. Dim' Fitzsimons


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