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Tampa Bay Rays Raise big money on the Runway

Pitcher Matt Andreis, right, gives a spin on the catwalk to Dream Child Alejandra Mejia.

DAVID W DOONAN | Special To The Times

Pitcher Matt Andreis, right, gives a spin on the catwalk to Dream Child Alejandra Mejia.

Barely two hours after beating the Red Socks, Rays players, coaches, wifes and girlfriends thrilled a sold out crowd and some strong kids at the Rays on the Runway Show to benefit the Children's Dream Fund. Thousands of dollars were raised through ticket sales and auction items to fund the group that creates amazing experiences for seriously ill children. 

The planning and anticipation of a dream day helps makes the time in hospital beds go by a little easier. The time away at Disney World, on a cruise, swimming with dolphins, skiing or at a ranch out West, allows the children and their families to focus on something besides white blood cell counts and medical costs. The average dream costs $3,500. The memories are priceless. There are 65 kids on the waiting list for dreams.

The Rays didn't appear winded in the least from their big game. They were high energy on the runway, cheering on kids who walked with them and making goofy poses with their wives, girlfriends and solo. Everybody was styled in fashion from Dillard's.  …

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Get your wedding band at a discount on Amazon today

Just assuming these two probably got their wedding bands on Amazon, right?


Just assuming these two probably got their wedding bands on Amazon, right?

I'd like to make a proclamation, here on Deal Divas.

Merging your Amazon accounts is a bigger step than marriage. A while back, my sig oth and I combined Prime accounts, and now my suggestions are a nonstop mix of weirdness across a variety of gender spectrums. A literal sample of suggestions from my Amazon homepage: We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and Smith's PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener.

Well, Amazon must have heard about this new step in relationships (dinner and a movie, dating, living together, pet, merging Amazon accounts, marriage, family) because they're making an appeal with the Deal of the Day today.

It's wedding bands for men and women, at 20 to 40 percent off. They're pretty handsome, and Deal Diva Michelle, who is getting married in the fall, is disappointed her husband to be already has his band. Here's a 10K gold number at a song

Check them out if you're in the market. And always be sure to have an open and honest conversation about your Amazon purchases. It is the only way to live healthily in a modern society.

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Here's your guide to July 4 sales

An ice cream phone case would sure quell the summer heat.

Kate Spade New York

An ice cream phone case would sure quell the summer heat.

Here's your exclusive look at Fourth of July sales. We'll update this post as we gather more intel.

Kate Spade New York: The sale is on sale. Take an extra 30 percent off items such as this cheery wine tote ($12), this really adorable kite-adorned iPhone 6 case ($22), or a legit smaller handbag in pretty summer pastels (down from $298 to $208).(On second thought, just get this ice cream cone phone case and make me really jealous.) The checkout code is SUNSHINE. 

Banana Republic: Take 50 percent off sale, such as this strappy crossback dress in a snake pattern ($69) or this floral dress. Discount applied automatically.

Rent the Runway: Have fancy plans this weekend? Consider renting a high-end dress for a Forever21 price. Certain dresses are marked down 30 percent off. Pay attention to the dates: The deal is only available for deliveries from June 28 to July 2.

Old Navy: You know, I am really overdue for an Old Navy shopping binge, and this could be the week to right that. Everything is 40 percent off (discount applied at checkout). If you go in store today, there are $2 tanks, $4 tees, $6 graphic tees and $8 shorts.  …

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Coming out in style at St. Pete Pride

Thousands of people turned out for St. Pete Pride over the weekend, and with them, a sea of body glitter, homemade shirts and rainbow everything. I was drawn to a few people in particular to get the story behind their looks:

I was amazed at how vibrant and pronounced the colors were on Katherine Olson’s rainbow mohawk. Olson, who is a lesbian, said she went to The Modern Man Grooming Salon in Gulfport for the ‘do. “I’ve never colored my hair other than natural colors,” she said, but her stylist, Lisa Merriweather, convinced her to try the dye, which lasts around six weeks, Olson said. And if you look closely below the mohawk, you can see a heartbeat symbol her stylist added in honor of the Pulse nightclub shooting victims.

This body glitter on Bianca Williams, 23, caught my attention. And so did Williams’ eye for deals. She bought the glitter at Michael’s for about $5 with a 40 percent off coupon she found online. A steal, especially considering it stayed on when she got rained on earlier in the day. “Rain or shine we're gonna be glittery,” said Williams, who is pansexual.


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My outfit Monday: Pajamas or posh pants? I say both.

Technicolor Palazzo pants.

Katie Sanders

Technicolor Palazzo pants.

I love that Palazzo pants are so in these days because it's like getting permission to wear your pajamas to work. I bought this pair in Raleigh last summer at Belk's. (Belks, as I've told you before, is much better in NC than in Fla). The print is a little out there even for me. But usually receive at least five compliments each time I wear them. I think at least three of those are sincere, while two are probably someone trying to stifle their laughter, so the odds are still in my favor.

I pair my pants of many colors with a simple solid shirt and a sleek statement necklace. My friend, a frustrated lawyer who has started designing jewelry, gave me this simple rectangle of gold. 

My shoes are from Peltz, which I have to admit I hadn't tried until recently. I have since been twice and found great shoes that seem to always be on sale. These Bandolinos were $39 marked down from $60. If you don't want to venture a few blocks past Tyrone Square Mall, Peltz has a website, too. It offers free shipping and there are lots of coupon codes out there for the website. 

I've got to go now. I'm curling up under my desk for a comfy little nap.

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We need to revisit those hair-tie bracelets

How much are you willing to pay for a fashionable, functional wrist accessory?


How much are you willing to pay for a fashionable, functional wrist accessory?

Man, what a day, a week, a year it's been in news, and not just for political journalists. But okay, I have to say, especially for political journalists. With the conventions and debates and ads coming to swarm our TVs these next few months, I'm already just feeling like

No really, we'll be okay. We love this!

All of that was to explain how I missed a blogpost by former Diva Lydia back in May with a nugget about a stunning invention very relevant to my interests.

You know how you go all day with a hair elastic on your wrist just in case you want to throw up a ponytail? And how it leaves ghastly red marks and breaks up an otherwise solid arm party?

I can't ever stop this — I've done it since middle school. But it sure hurts sometimes.

Guys, someone had a great idea. Specifically, engineers Shireen Thor and her husband, Arni. Arni came up with the idea for a metal bracelet that discreetly doubles as a hair-tie vessel for Shireen.

You slip on the bittersweet bracelet, and then slide the elastic over it, as demo'd below.

It's a smart idea that is easy to picture inside stockings or care packages. …

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On a summer search for the perfect romper


If you watch Comedy Central treasure Broad City, the episode "2016" might stand out to you as the one featuring a guest appearance by presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. To me, it stands out for another reason: ABBI'S ROMPER.

The outfit is pictured in the photo above, though I can't find a great one that showcases it in all its glory. As you can see, Abbi Jacobson (far right) wears a short-sleeved, dark floral romper with a deep neck and - the best part - a swath of fabric covering part of the shorts. I've heard this called a "privacy panel," though I do not love that term to desribe something attached to what is essentially a grownup onesie.

Ever since I saw the episode earlier this year, I have been on the hunt for a romper with similar characteristics. That search is now coming to a head, because it, my friends, is romper season.

I'm taking a trip up to New York City next month, and all I want to pack is rompers. Sleeveless, long-sleeve, with pockets, without pockets, linen, cotton, fringey, flouncy - I daydream about frollicking around the city in easy, breezy one-pieces. …

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Here's how to get Samira Wiley's lipstick, an adventure quest

Samira Wiley in the Lipstick of Dreams.


Samira Wiley in the Lipstick of Dreams.

I'd like to report a total Twitter victory that can also help YOU.

I came across a Vulture story a couple days ago that reported Samira Wiley, who Orange is the New Black fans will recognize as the inimitable Poussey, is going to play a therapist on the third season of You're the Worst. Great news for Samira, a really talented artist who deserves great roles.

But I just kept looking at the photo attached. Her lipstick. It was the most beautiful berry wine shade, the kind that makes teeth and eyes look white and cheeks look rosy. It was classic, yet felt new. It was silken, and it was PERFECT. I needed to have it, the way Indiana Jones needed to recover the Ark of the Covenant to defeat the Nazis.

I tweeted.

Happy for Poussey, but really want to know about @samirawiley's lipstick shade in this pic. It is PERFECT.

And then Samira RT'd me! (I love celebs who seem to genuinely keep up on social and listen to fans, BTW.) And then I started getting RTs from all corners of the world congratulating her on the job, mixed with a handful of urgent requests for the lipstick shade. This was my favorite. …

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Pride my ride, and my look.

Pride apparel options are all around.


Pride apparel options are all around.

I'm heading out to see Keith Urban tonight and will wear the requisite cowboy hat and studded belt buckle, of course. But since I can't support the LGBT community and precious lives lost in Orlando at the Rays tribute game, I wanted to still make a shout out at the Midflorida Amphitheater. 

So I ran out during my lunch hour and found it easy to add some Pride to my outfit. First I stopped by Revolve Clothing Exchange at 2000 4th St N and found a great rainbow striped crocheted purse by The Sak for $15. Then I stopped into the Metro Thrift Shop at 2235 Central Ave and bought a stretchy headband for $3 and made it a hatband. I also bought a Celebrate Diversity pin to add to my little bag,

The thrift store has a good offering of stickers, belts, umbrellas, hats, wings and more. 

I spotted a great rainbow dress in the window of ArtPOOL Gallery across the street at 2030 Central Ave. It would be fabulous for many and any occasion. And you know owner Marina Williams will personally help you assemble the perfect look for the upcoming parade and other festivities.

Stay strong Orlando.

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Cheers to the 'Absolutely Fabulous' party at Tyrone Square Macy's

Pals with style.


Pals with style.

My coworker handed me a Macy's postcard today that featured Edina and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous riding on a giant exploding bottle of champagne. No words were needed.

It's clear but, IMHO, fully acceptable marketing gimmick, Macy's is celebrating the release of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie with a shopping party. It's at 6 p.m. Thursday at the store in St. Petersburg's Tyrone Square Mall, in the men's department, of course. "See our collection of the latest must-have looks inspired by the television show, enjoy appropriately decadent sweets and treats and much more," the postcard reads. 

Before you go, you can enter a contest to win a trip to New York City for the movie premiere on July 18 and a $1,000 shopping spree with a stylist from Macy's. Play by posting a photo of yourself to Facebook or Instagram in AbFab inspired style using #abfabstyle.

There's more here, including this classic quote:

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An ode to my short-lived journalism career, as told in Mary Tyler Moore GIFs

You guys, today is my last day with the Tampa Bay Times. I know. I didn't even tell you to sit down or anything before I unloaded that harsh reality, and for that I am truly sorry.

On Monday, I will begin a new career in marketing at a Fortune 500 company that has promised to make it do something between drizzle and rain. I am excited. And I am sad.

So in honor of my departure and on the heels of my farewell-cake sugar high, let's journey back, shall we, and chronicle my divalicious time here via photos and gifs of the woman who inspired me at age 4 to become a journalist: Mary Richards.

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Shopping Planner: The hue for you, flip flops that rock and an Etsy Craft Party (!)

Jill Kirsh sets up a display of her color palates, swatch books, makeup kits and scarves.


Jill Kirsh sets up a display of her color palates, swatch books, makeup kits and scarves.

Jill Kirsh: The Guru of Hue
Feeling a little bit blah today? Maybe it’s the color you’re wearing. Looking your best often helps you feel your best, and that’s where Jill Kirsh comes in. According to Hollywood’s Guru of Hue, no matter how striking a shade you’re wearing, if it’s wrong for your hair color — not your skin tone; take note — your features will simply get lost.

But feel drab no longer, for Kirsh, who recently moved to Clearwater from Los Angeles, has come up with a solution, developing a color system for clothing and makeup that helps you best accentuate your present hair color. She categorizes as such: deep brunette; warm blonde; golden brown and red; and ash blonde, platinum and gray. …

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My Outfit Monday: Stepping into floral accents


Photo by Brittany Volk, Diva photographer to the stars.


After a heavy, tragedy-filled weekend here in Central Florida, a light, bright outfit called to me from the closet this morning.

Light fabrics are essential for the sort of mid-June heat that surrounds us right now, so I went with two of my summer faves: cotton and linen. The shirt is a sturdy white tank from the Loft Outlet in Ellenton, with a lace V-neck detail. It clocked in at around $10 after the outlet discounts. The skirt, a peachy above-the-knee A-line that has a fun flowery band around bottom, is also from said Loft store. It was $15 on clearance. …

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Shopping Planner: Art sales, wedding warriors, makeup workshops and more


Huzzah! Saturday offers an array of local art sales, and you won’t want to miss your chance to find  a one-of-a-kind piece during these events.

Tampa ceramics artist Kimberli Cummings is hosting a trunk show at Florida CraftArt. Her latest work includes signature sangria pitchers and serving trays perfect for summer gatherings. 5:30 to 9 p.m. at Florida CraftArt, 501 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. Free. (727) 821-7391.

Swing by the Westchase area to toast local artists with a champagne brunch, art show and sale that will feature interactive art, live entertainment, door prizes and an auction at 11 a.m. at Aston Gardens at Tampa Bay, 12951 W Linebaugh Ave., Tampa. $20 suggested donation. (813) 855-2811.

Graphi-Ko Gallery, home to locally designed jewelry and apparel, is exhibiting the work of more than 30 local artists at 4 p.m. at 669 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. Free. (727) 667-8126. …

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Lots of ways to Go Red for heart health

With a bestie Elizabeth Whiteley and my daughter Charlotte

Adam Smith

With a bestie Elizabeth Whiteley and my daughter Charlotte

My daughter and I were recently speakers at the annual Go Red for Women luncheon in Tampa, which raised close to $700,000 for the American Heart Association. The purpose is important because the AHA is the second largest funder of medical research in the U.S. after the federal government. 

But the fashion was fun. Everyone wears red. I had no idea how many variations of a red dress there are these days. 

I walked away so very proud of my 17-year-old daughter and reminded of how grateful I am she's made it through two serious heart procedures. (I've had some trouble with the old ticker myself but got it all fixed.) We wouldn't be here if not for amazing research and medical advancements.

I also was reminded that we need to listen to our bodies, get our numbers checked at least once a year, eat healthy and exercise. It's not just talk. Doing this can save your life.

Here's the link to the video on us... And enjoy the Go Red fashion spread.

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