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Apple releases iOS 8.1.3, which is no big deal — except …



… that it addresses two of the very small, very irritating things about iOS 8:

1) It addresses an issue that caused Spotlight to stop displaying app results. Spotlight is that search tool that appears when you put your finger in the middle of your iPhone's (or iPad's) home screen and drag it downward. If you've got enough apps on your iThing that you get tired of swiping through several home screens to find the one you're looking for (or if you've forgotten what folder you stashed it in), it's the quickest way to find and launch an app. Except when it failed to find any apps at all. Glad to see that fixed.

2) It fixes an issue that prevented multitasking gestures from working on iPads. When I first got my pre-iOS-8 iPad, it took me about 20 minutes to fall in love with the multitasking gestures. Five-finger pinch to return to the home screen. Four-finger swipe upward to get to the app switcher. Four-finger swipe left and right to jump from app to app. Since iOS 8 came out, my iPad would occasionally forget what those gestures meant. It was like trying to communicate using those hand signals SWAT teams use and just getting a stare and a shrug in response. Glad to see that fixed, too.

If you were hoping it would help you with a problem you were having with calendar syncing and time zone confusion — the "GMT bug" experienced by some iOS users — you're out of luck, tho'.

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