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Tampa's Brad Culpepper stepped up on last night's 'Survivor' (w/video)

Brad Culpepper came out OK after a tribe swaw on last night's survivor.


Brad Culpepper came out OK after a tribe swaw on last night's survivor.



Tampa lawyer and former Buccaneers player Brad Culpepper is getting props from fans for his performance on the second episode of Survivor: Game Changers.

The latest episode saw one tribe pondering the ethics of eating a young goat they'd captured, along with its mother (Sandra, you are cold-blooded, girl), and also the player-dreaded/fan-favorite surprise tribe swap, where two tribes were suddenly split into three, throwing strategies into disarray.

Culpepper landed on Mana tribe, along with Caleb, Debbie, Hali, Sierra and Tai, and it worked out well for him as he went to work on swaying Tai, that good-natured gardener, who, we should say, seems pretty swayable. 

The rest of the Mana tribe seemed set on voting out Hali, but Culpepper, apparently worried about Caleb voting him off eventually, appealed to Tai. Remember, Caleb was probably his old buddy Tai's strongest ally at this point, but Culpepper suggested Tai play for himself this time around, and even somehow convinced him that keeping Caleb around would hurt him down the road. Flawed logic, maybe, but it worked.

Now Caleb is gone, and Culpepper didn't even have to look like the bad guy, since it appeared to be Tai's decision. Watch the closing arguments below.

Could the Culpepper who went home early on Blood vs. Water actually have a shot at winning this time? It's early still, but he seems to be nicely positioned as likely the strongest member of his tribe at this point.




[Last modified: Thursday, March 16, 2017 10:47am]


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