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Will guys wear the RompHim romper for men? How about the business suit onesie, the Suitsy?

The Internet has spoken, and it apparently wants fashionable, one-piece things for men to wear. Or it doesn't. Who can tell?

The RompHim, a "romper for men," will be a reality thanks to crowdfunding, but, like so many things online, its hard to distinguish if the public, or even the garments' creators, actually want these things or are just having a laugh (reality probably falls somewhere in between). 

The RompHim soared past its Kickstarter goal of $10,000 this week, passing $100,000 by this morning through a tongue-in-cheek campaign featuring the commercial above. It immediately inspired hate-takes ranging from's  "The Bro Romper Exists and I Don't Want to Live on This Planet Anymore" to Out magazine's "College Bros Join the Party Late With Viral RompHimand so many, many more that were just versions of, "hey, look at this."

Memes aplenty followed, and even the ones celebrating(?) the RompHim had that certain meme-ey tone that makes you wonder if people are really into this thing on some level. 

Others took the opportunity to point out the way the traditional romper wearers of this world, women, get treated.

It's interesting to note this isn't the first one-piece garment for men to be successfully crowdfunded lately via a jokey campaign. Betabrand has the Suitsy, a "business suit onesie" that's "sure to revolutionize men's fashion for millennia to come" on its site right now.

Here's the commercial, which has some fun with the question of how you go to the bathroom in a one-piece. 

They're both funny, and they both got an impressive number of people to shell out money, but would you wear either of them unironically?


The RompHim, which apparently can be paired with a fur coat if you can pull it off.


The RompHim, which apparently can be paired with a fur coat if you can pull it off.

[Last modified: Wednesday, May 17, 2017 10:45am]


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