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Winner and loser of the week: BBC dad goes viral; Bow Wow fails at defending Snoop Dogg video





BBC dad: Every now and then, a viral video comes along that is so unbelievably adorable you have to watch it on repeat in your cubicle until tears stream down your face.

Robert Kelly, the "BBC dad" and a political science professor at Pusan National University in South Korea, gave us that video.

Kelly was set to give a live interview from his home on BBC to explain the ramifications of the impeachment of South Korea President Park Geun-hye, then his interview was hijacked by his family and made into a "very public blooper."

Mid-sentence, Kelly's 4-year-old daughter bursts into the room in a bright yellow sweater and a distinct, bouncy swagger. Then comes his 8-month-old son strolling in on a squeaky baby-walker. His wife, Kim Jung-A, frantically slides in on her socks and tries to wrangle the children without disrupting the interview, accidentally drawing as much attention to herself and the children as humanly possible.

Basically, it was a disaster. A hilarious, heart-warming disaster.  

"We thought no TV network would ever call us again," Kelly said during a press conference with his family after the video went viral. During the press conference, the family answered all of our burning questions about the clip, like:

Why didn't he stand up? Was it because he wasn't wearing pants? And does his daughter always walk with that much pep in her step?

Turns out that while Kelly was in his home office, his wife was in the other room with their children filming the interview. So focused on filming, she hadn't noticed that the children ran off until she saw them on-air.

"My real life punched through the fake cover I had created on television," he said. "This is the kind of thing a lot of working parents can relate to."

The video has since been viewed over 20 million times and has been generated into dozens of memes and gifs.

And that swagger?


Kelly told the WSJ that his daughter's much talked about entrance was because of her "hippity-hoppity mood" from a birthday party that day at her kindergarten. And yes, he was wearing pants.

Too cute. I have to watch it again.


Bow Wow. Shad Moss, formerly known as Lil' Bow Wow, has tweeted some pretty bizarre things in the past, and this week is no different. On Wednesday, President Donald Trump condemned rapper Snoop Dogg over his latest Music Video for Lavender, which shows Snoop aiming a toy gun at a caricature version of the POTUS. "Can you imagine what the outcry would be if @Snoop Dogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama? Jail Time!" Trump tweeted.

Several rappers came to Snoop's defense, Common and Ice T said that the video is art and free speech. Politicians have said the rapper should be careful about depicting an assassination.

"Hip-hop always has been about freedom of expression. That's one of the most powerful things. Hip-hop has been like a voice for so many people," Common told TMZ.

Then Bow Wow had to try to retain some relevance and enter the ring. In a since-deleted tweet, Moss told the president he needed to shut up "before we pimp your wife and make her work for us."

In no way does this defend Snoop's right to free speech, it's just horribly, horribly offensive. Twitter was rightfully not amused, and shut down his misogynistic tweet. "Lil Bow Wow just insinuated he'll traffic a woman into slavery cos he doesn't like her husband. In what world is this acceptable," one user wrote. "Bow Wow temporarily created a cease-fire between the Right and Left while everyone agreed to call him an idiot in tandem. What a hero," said another.

Never tweet, Bow Wow.



[Last modified: Thursday, March 16, 2017 6:51pm]


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