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Have you voted yet?

This morning in St. Pete.


This morning in St. Pete.



Numbed by all the attack ads, disheartened by lackluster choices, lots of people are in a mood not to vote. Bad idea, Carl Hiaasen wrote the other day in the Miami Herald.

Go vote.

"Washington is broken" is passive-voice bulls--t, Ezra Klein said this morning on Vox. Politicians in Washington do what they think will win them elections. If Washington is broken, then we voters bear some of the blame for breaking it — and everyone who is sitting back and complaining and not voting bears some of the blame for doing nothing to fix it.

Go vote.

"Democracy is a device that insures that we shall be governed no better than we deserve," Adlai Stevenson II said back in 1956. "Whose fault is it? ... It is the fault of you the people. Your public servants serve you right; indeed, often they serve you better than your apathy and indifference deserve."

Go vote.

And any disgust with ads, negative ads, positive ads, whatever ads, which after all are ads, is not a reason to not vote. It's a reason to turn off your TV.

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