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Trump's travel to Florida adds to growing bills



President Donald Trump and his administration has racked up nearly $3.6 million in travel costs so far, including trips to Mar-a-Lago, a conservative watchdog group said Friday.

Judicial Watch -- read our profile of the group -- issued the following summation, and noted President Obama's family travel cost an estimated $100 million. From a news release:

The new records show new expenses totaling $2,301,527.02.

As a result of Judicial Watch’s lawsuit, the following records were produced:

Melania Trump flew to Mar-a-Lago between February 3-6 on a C-37B military jet at an operating cost of $10,075 per hour for six hours. The total comes to $60,450.

Vice President Pence flew Air Force Two 5.58 hours to Houston for the Super Bowl between February 3-6 at an operating cost of $15,994 per hour, for a total of $89,246.52.

Melania Trump flew from New York to Washington DC on February 10 to join her husband on Air Force One for the trip to Mar-a-Lago. She departed on February 12 for New York on a C-37A jet for a weekend total of 7.09 hours at $10,075 per hour, bringing the cost to $71,431.75.

President Trump flew Air Force One 5.7 hours to Mar-a-Lago between February 17-21 at an operating cost of $142,380 per hour, for a total of $811,566.

Melania Trump flew from New York to Mar-a-Lago between February 17-21. One leg she flew 5.63 hours on a C-37B military jet at an operating cost of $10,075 per hour for a total of $56,722.25 and on the other leg she flew 5.57 hours on a C-40B jet at $5,450 per hour for a total of $30,356.50. The grand total is $87,078.75.

President Trump flew 4.1 hours on Air Force One to Mar-a-Lago between March 17-19 at $142,380 per hour, for a total of $583,758.

In response to a Judicial Watch FOIA request, the Air Force produced the following record:

President Trump entertained Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago between February 10-13 where they played a round of golf. They flew Air Force One 4.2 hours at $142,380 per hour for a total of $597,996.

Judicial Watch previously released documents showing travel expenses of $1,281,420.

Judicial Watch also closely Obama family travel costs throughout his presidency.  In response to a June 19, 2014, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, Judicial Watch recently received documents from the Secret Service related to Michelle Obama’s March 2014 trip to China. The total Secret Service expenses adds up to $389,931.71:

$288,662.07 in hotels

$72,701.14 in car rentals

$5,020.52 in cell phone charges

$4,282.65 in rental reproduction equipment

$393.52 in printers and toners

$1,010.63 in cell phone rentals

$199.17 in supplies

$11,266.38 in overtime/per diem pay

$1,265.13 in miscellaneous services by another government agency

$5,130.50 in Air/Rail

Added to the previously released flight costs from the Air Force ($362,523.53) and the total for the trip comes to $752,455.24. Obama family travel cost taxpayers at least $100,104,459.53 during his two terms.

“Presidential travel is racking up millions of dollars in expenses paid by taxpayers.  The liberal media didn’t much care about Judicial Watch’s reporting on President Obama’s abusive travel but now are keenly interested in President Trump’s trips.  The Trump administration should do what the Obama administration did not do – move reforms through to get these expenses under control for this and future presidents,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “In the meantime, the bureaucracies should release the travel numbers rather than requiring us to go to court to get accountability for taxpayers.”

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