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President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama read
to second-graders at a charter school in Washington.Associated Press

Bancroft: Book lover Obama has been an inspirational reader in chief

If you love books, for the last eight years you've had a friend in the White House. President Barack Obama is an avid and sophisticated reader (and accomplished writer) who has put his deep appreciation for books and literature front and center throughout his two terms in the White House. Poets read at both his ina …


  1. Times' Craig Pittman among Tampa Bay authors to win Florida Book Awards


    Tampa Bay authors were awarded handsomely in the 2016 Florida Book Awards, the winners of which were announced Saturday.

    How America's Weirdest State Influences the Rest of the Country.' By Craig Pittman, Tampa Bay Times staff writer.
  2. Events: Karen Brown to sign 'The Clairvoyants' at Oxford Exchange


    Book Talk

    Local lawyer Thomas Berg (Divorce Florida Style) will discuss and sign his book at 2 p.m. Feb. 19 at Haslam's Book Store, 2025 Central Ave., St. Petersburg.

  3. Review: Timothy B. Tyson's 'Blood of Emmett Till' reveals another layer of tragedy


    Emmett Till, it turns out, died for nothing like a good reason, only the worst reasons: racism, ignorance and fear.

    The Blood of Emmett Till
  4. Review: Mullen's 'Darktown' a compelling history-based crime novel


    Thomas Mullen's latest novel, Darktown, was snatched up by Jamie Foxx's production company to be made into a television series before it even hit shelves last fall. Just a few pages in and one can see why.

    Darktown is inspired by the real-life story of the first black police officers hired, due to political pressure, by the Atlanta Police Department.
  5. Michael Connelly is heading back to Tampa to finish his new book


    "I can write wherever I'm at," Michael Connelly says, "but I get my best groove in my home in Tampa."

    Matthew McConaughey, left, plays Mickey Haller in The Lincoln Lawyer, based on the 2005 Michael Connelly book. The film will be screened today at Tampa Theatre, and Connelly will be there.
  6. Bancroft: Free speech is not always pretty, but it is for everyone — including Milo Yiannopolous


    George Orwell tops bestseller lists with a 68-year-old book. A Margaret Atwood novel is cited on Women's March protest signs. And when inflammatory, self-described troll and Donald Trump partisan Milo Yiannopoulos gets a book contract, it sparks talk of a boycott against an entire publishing house.

    Sales of Orwell’s 1984 have surged amid worries about free speech. That’s great. Not great is a plan to boycott the publisher of a Trump partisan’s book.
  7. Review: 'Operation Basalt' an exciting, illuminating account of British raid on Sark


    In the vast global conflict of World War II, the British commando raid on the tiny Channel Island of Sark on the night of Oct. 3-4, 1942, would seem almost insignificant. But it most definitely was not. For the raid's aftermath produced far-reaching repercussions, including the mass deportation of Channel Islanders, …

  8. What's Eddy L. Harris reading?



    Eddy L. Harris

    Harris, a graduate of St. Louis Priory School and Stanford University, has embarked on many journeys over the years for his work, including a one-man canoe trip down the Mississippi River for Mississippi Solo (1988), extensive travel in Africa for Native …

    Eddy L. Harris will be a featured speaker at the St. Petersburg Conference on World Affairs.
Courtesy of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg
  9. Notable: young love



    Young love

    With Valentine's Day near, here are three new YA novels built around love stories.

  10. Events: Cathy Salustri to discuss, sign 'Backroads to Paradise'


    Book Talk

    Local journalist and author Cathy Salustri (Backroads to Paradise: A Journey to Rediscover Old Florida) will discuss and sign her book at 2 p.m. Feb. 12 at Haslam's Book Store, 2025 Central Ave., St. Petersburg; and at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 13 at Mirror Lake Library, 280 Fifth St. N, St. …