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Parenting & Relationships

  1. Tell Me About It: Self-awareness best way to break bad habit


    Q: I recently had a friend tell me that I have become arrogant since I entered a new career in which there's a culture of snobbery and one-upping.

  2. Tell Me About It: Ex's attempt to make amends falls flat


    Q: My first love emailed me out of the blue, after 10 years, to make amends as part of his AA program.

  3. Tell Me About It: Remarks about food choices grow tiresome


    Q: I'm going on vacation soon with my in-laws, siblings-in-laws, and their spouses. Over the last few years, I've been working on eating fewer unhealthy foods like bread and dairy, and as a result I feel much better. This has resolved many stomach issues I've dealt with.

  4. Tell Me About It: Parents' extreme sheltering feels creepy


    Q: My daughter, 11, has three friends from school. One girl's parents are generous hosts. "Emma" is an only child and has a pool, fun toys, great snacks.

  5. Tell Me About It: Sister may take offense to generous offer


    Q: My sister attends school overseas and lives with her boyfriend. My parents recently told me she can't make it home for the holidays this year because she's on a student budget.

  6. Tell Me About It: Abusive family history should be shared


    Q: Many family stories were told about my dad's poor aunt, his mother's sister, who was married to an abusive man. The fact that this uncle by marriage was a wife-beater and a "violent man" is well documented both orally and in written recollections by my side of the family. My grandmother was distraught …

  7. Tell Me About It: Spouse's lack of holiday cheer is a bummer


    My husband doesn't enjoy holidays. Everything about holidays is reluctant and grudging. He will dutifully eat any holiday meal that I plan, shop for, prepare, and clean up after, but his interest goes no farther.

  8. Tell Me About It: Wife won't let stepmother be a Grandma



    Q: Both of my parents are deceased, and my father remarried after my mother passed. I have not always had a great relationship with my stepmother but it has grown to one of mutual respect and understanding.