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Today's suggestive lyrics: no worse than what we enjoyed

Cause your sex takes me to paradise

Yeah, your sex takes me to paradise

You can't flip through Tampa Bay's radio stations without being vocally slapped with the catchy hook from Bruno Mars' Locked Out Of Heaven.

I'm sure some moms and dads all but drive off the road because they can't change the station quick enough. They want to keep their babies protected from the overtly sexual music industry.

And there are those who turn it up and sing along with their teens.

The debate about the impact society plays on today's youth remains controversial.

I overheard a couple sharing their discontentment with the remake of The Dukes of Hazzard several years ago. Jessica Simpson's portrayal of Daisy Duke's character left them upset because they felt she took a wholesome, family character and turned her into a trampy sex symbol.

I figured it's probably not my place to interject my opinion — at first. But, they were having this discussion in a public place so I quickly disregarded my place and joined the public discourse. They were intrigued by my opinion and asked what I thought.

I leaned in, grinned and said, "I don't recall how old I was, but I vividly remember Daisy Duke popping up in the middle of the road in a red bikini. I remember someone trying to turn the television off so that none of us children could view such 'filth.' "

It seems wholesome now, compared to Simpson, Fergie, and Janet Jackson's infamous "wardrobe malfunction." But, it was far from wholesome in its time. It caused a stir back then.

The husband looked at me and nodded. The wife said "You're right."

We continued to talk about the songs that were on the radio and their lyrics. And, true to my always countering viewpoint, we pondered whether things have really changed. Haven't a vast majority of songs always carried a sexual undertone?

If you stop and think — you're going to have to go way back to the skating rink days — I remember jam skating and rapping along with Rob Base: "It takes two to make it outta sight." Or sitting at a booth, eating pizza and singing H-Town's Knockin' Da' Boots.

I didn't always know what those lyrics meant. I just knew the words. And we sang them. Because they got air play.

My parents would play rock and roll songs from their childhood and truth be told, there was no hiding some of the sex and drug baseline of their music.

Have things changed? Or are we more sensitive now that we're at this stage of parental responsibility?

There's no doubt that the boundary keeps getting pushed further and further. But, I'm not quite certain that we should suddenly reflect on things "less risque" than they are now and label them "wholesome."

I think it's all about how we educate our kids. It's every parents' individual right to keep their children as innocent as they can. But, we turned out okay. (Well, I guess there's someone out there reading this saying, "Like a Virgin really messed with my head.")

Call me weird, but I start with my ability to properly parent under any circumstance instead of blaming something else. So should you.

I am, however, impressed that three strangers can have an open conversation with a fairly heated topic and come away with new perspective.

It gives me hope that the open mind might not actually be on the verge of extinction.

Now, go listen to It Takes Two. You know you're thinking about it.

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