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  1. Top things to do in Tampa Bay for the week of Feb. 20-26


    Harlem Globetrotters: The exhibition basketball team rolls through Tampa's Amalie Arena on Wednesday, and will debut basketball's first 4-point line, located 30 feet from the basket ($20-$115). (813) 301-2500.

  2. Scientists say they've discovered a 'hidden continent'


    It's a vast, strange land; its canyons and mountain ranges almost entirely unexplored, its creatures like something out of myth.

    Doubtful Sound, a remote fjord within New Zealand's Fiordland National Park, offers untouched mountain and ocean wilderness. It is home to the world's only alpine parrot, dolphins, seals and more. [Associated Press]
  3. DHS secretary: Trump administration considering 'more streamlined' version of travel ban


    MUNICH - Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly said Saturday that the Trump administration is considering a new version of the executive order banning travel of citizens from seven Muslim-majority nations that would allow travelers who were already on airplanes bound for the United States into the country but would …

  4. Kraft Heinz withdraws $143B bid to buy Unilever


    NEW YORK — Ketchup maker and packaged food giant Kraft Heinz has withdrawn a $143 billion offer to buy Unilever, backing away after the mayonnaise, tea and seasonings maker rejected the bid as too low.

    Heinz ketchup bottles are displayed on the shelf of a market on in Barre, Vt. U.S. food giant Kraft Heinz Co. has withdrawn its offer for Europe's Unilever.  [Associated Press]
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