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  1. St. Petersburg's sidewalks have safety flaws for pedestrians and cyclists


    ST. PETERSBURG — A group of advocates for pedestrian safety recently strolled through the city and found themselves dodging distracted drivers, navigating sidewalks that petered out and traversing darkened thoroughfares lacking proper lighting.

    The Florida Consumer Action Network sent a team of auditors to walk the streets of St. Petersburg and found plenty of problems facing pedestrians and bicyclists. Here’s one example: On 22nd Avenue S, a sidewalk at one corner of 49th Street S dips down into a storm drain on the road and then continues through a crosswalk in the intersection. [Courtesy of Florida Consumer Action Network]
  2. Demolish I-275? One expert offers a 'dream' alternative


    TAMPA — If some Seminole Heights and Tampa Heights residents had their druthers, the state would simply demolish Interstate 275, which now severs their neighborhoods.

    Viewed from the southbound lanes, traffic in the northbound lanes of I-275 in Tampa slow to a crawl on Wednesday evening, Jan. 20, 2016. [WILL VRAGOVIC   |   Times]
  3. Tampa police arrest 24-year-old man in murder of girlfriend


    TAMPA — Police arrested a 24-year-old man who investigators said murdered his girlfriend during an argument early Saturday.

    Hector Favio Acevedo, 24, is accused of murdering his girlfriend during an argument, according to Tampa police. [Tampa Police Department]
  4. Collier County evacuations lifted as brush fires continue around Florida


    Evacuation orders have been lifted in Collier County where a brush fire has been raging over the weekend along with two others in Lee and Polk counties and more than 100 across the state.

    Firefighters were not able to save this large shed type structure during the Indian Lake Estates wildfire.  Aerial view of a wildfire in the Indian Lake Estate subdivision near Lake Wales. Dozens of firefighters battled the 700+ acre wildfire saving dozens of homes with fire approaching within feet of the houses. Fire officials evacuated the hundreds of residents in the subdivision but lifted the evacuation order at 4:00pm on Saturday.[Saturday, April 22, 2017] [Photo Luis Santana | Times]
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