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Bizarre News

  1. Thanks Twitter: Fakester posed as jackpot winner Shane Missler

    Bizarre News

    Jackpot winner and Florida man Shane Missler wants to leave behind a legacy with his winnings.

  2. Florida man robbed at gunpoint in dating app setup

    Bizarre News

    PANAMA CITY, Fla. — Florida police say a man thought he was going on a date set through an app, but instead was attacked and robbed at gunpoint.

  3. Video: Mudslide takes pair on terrifying ride down California street


    BURBANK, Calif. — A driver who rode a wave of muddy water down a twisting street in his car during a Southern California flood said he is lucky to be alive.

  4. Tide Pod Challenge: Why teens and internet celebs risk their lives by eating them

    Bizarre News

    A new internet trend has parents worrying more about their teenagers ingesting laundry soap than their unknowing toddlers.

  5. Bathroom behavior got this Florida man kicked off his flight

    Bizarre News

    FORT MYERS, Fla. — Frequent flyer tip: if you're going to use the airplane bathroom make sure your aim is good. Otherwise it could get you kicked off the flight.

  6. Florida man calls 911 to report...himself drunk driving

    Bizarre News

    WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (AP) — Authorities in Florida are sharing an unusual 911 call they got on New Year's Eve from a man who said he was driving drunk and needed police.

  7. A small bird managed to take over a Delta flight

    Bizarre News

    On late Saturday morning, a bird flew out of the cold Detroit sky, across an airfield and into the cockpit of a jetliner bound south for Atlanta.

  8. Florida man accused of rigging door to electrocute his pregnant wife


    PALM COAST — A Florida man is accused of rigging the front door of a home in an attempt to electrocute his estranged pregnant wife.

  9. Woman gets $284 billion electric bill, wonders whether it's her Christmas lights

    Bizarre News

    What can you buy with $284 billion?

    You could own all of Netflix. Or purchase 747 Boeing 747s, with change to spare. Or erase the national debts of Venezuela, Nigeria, Peru and Iceland, combined.

  10. Package for Steven Mnuchin that causes a bomb scare turns out to be filled with horse manure

    Bizarre News

    A suspicious package that appeared Saturday night in the swanky Los Angeles neighborhood of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin prompted lengthy street closures and a sizable response by local and federal authorities, including members of the Los Angeles Police Department's bomb squad.