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Letter to the editor: Show courtesy to other drivers

Drivers should use turn signals

As a resident here in Florida for the past 14 years, I have two questions: Are cars in Florida built without directional signals? Is there a large sign when people enter Florida that informs them not to use directional signals in our state?

I travel each day on U.S. 19 or through the communities' side roads. I have on occasion been advised by drivers in front of me where they are going to turn. But in most cases, the drivers just decide to make a turn with using directional signals. Doesn't drivers education teach these people anything about using the signals?

In my state, we even learned hand signals for emergency purposes. No one here even seems to know them.

Let's have some courtesy for other drivers.

Elaine L. Eichler, Hudson

Officials need to handle funds well

The city of New Port Richey spent millions of dollars to purchase the Hacienda Hotel, the First Baptist Church and the First Church of Christ.

That's big bucks down the tubes for a very long time. Plus, the eyesore of the Main Street Landing and, lastly, our extravagance on the Van Buren Street recreational complex in a low-income area.

We lost small businesses due to broken promises. Then we lost New Port Richey employees. It was a story of wrong decisions made and not getting on the track to be corrected.

The Penny for Pasco will build new bike trails. Let's fix our Sims Park for our kids. It's in bad shape.

So, Penny for Pasco again? Ouch. If we can't make decisions on a small scale, how can we handle the big ones? Let's do better with how we handle our funds.

Mary Jackson, New Port Richey

Thanks to voters who stood in line

Thank you to all who stood in line to vote. You indeed are the civil rights activists. You marched for me and for America.

In spite of attempts to suppress the vote, you stood up. In spite of attempts to silence the vote, you stood up. No matter the political party, it is our right to vote, and — no matter our personal convictions — it is our duty to allow all to vote.

No matter the outcome, we are all Americans in this together, and we are responsible to one another to work together for America with tolerance and respect.

Peno Hardesty, New Port Richey

Letter to the editor: Show courtesy to other drivers 11/10/12 [Last modified: Saturday, November 10, 2012 11:15am]
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