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Letters: BayCare, UnitedHealthcare debate holds patients, doctors hostage

BayCare hospitals vs. UnitedHealthcare

Holding patients, doctors hostage

Dirty laundry is being aired. Monies are being spent on full-page newspaper advertisements stating which company is at fault regarding the Medicare community.

BayCare claims to value its relationship with its patients. Really? Then why is the door being shut on thousand of Medicare Advantage UnitedHealthcare patients?

UnitedHealthcare is balking at payment increases demanded by BayCare. Yet UnitedHealthcare raises the cost on some of its premiums.

Where is consideration regarding doctors and patients? BayCare is advising thousands of patients to seek hospital care located quite a distance from their neighborhoods. If BayCare can afford to lose that much business, maybe its fees are too high. Patients do not want to travel long distances away from neighborhood hospitals.

What about doctors? Do they have operating access to hospitals that are quite a distance from their practices? Would they want to stretch their already precious time to operate and visit their patients in hospitals several miles away?

Patients and doctors are being held hostages in the game of greed. If this "game" does not stop with a compromise before Dec. 7, there will be no winners. Please act now to resolve the situation.

Lois Hawkins, Dunedin

BayCare hospitals vs. UnitedHealthcare

Make health care the real goal

First, lets take the "care" out of their corporate names. The only caring they do is to see how much money they can make and take. No concern about the tens of thousands of citizens they mentally torture and force to spend their holiday seasons worrying about changing doctors and finding new hospitals.

It seems that each contract year, some health insurance company goes to battle with their network. Most come to terms at the final hour and all is well for another year.

It's always about the almighty buck. No one, really, can figure the true cost of in-network and out-of-network care, and that's just the way they want it. Bay — I will not use the word "care" in their name — just got fined a huge sum of money for over-billing Medicare. That seems to be a real easy target — just ask our current governor.

Over-billing, up-coding procedures and balance billing seem to be the game played. The losers are us. We're always are the bottom of the financial feeding chain. Please, United and Bay, settle your differences and get back to providing quality healthcare at reasonable and transparent rates.

You've caused such anxiety to your doctors, enrollees and seniors that it may be "Medically Necessary" to seek psychological counseling. Is that covered under my plan?

Bill Coleman, Dunedin

Injured cyclist will never forget

The handlebars on my bike came loose while I was riding my bike in John Chesnut Park in East Lake on Thanksgiving Day, causing me to lose control of the bike and go crashing to the pavement.

A group of people from Shelter 3, who were having Thanksgiving dinner, rushed over to make sure I was okay. They gave me a bag of ice to hold over my copiously bleeding head gash and napkins to stem the flow.

But more than that, they offered support, companionship, humor and comfort while we waited for my husband to come pick me up. Then they helped my husband load the bike into his car.

I wanted to thank them all from the bottom of my cynical heart for their extreme kindness and care, and especially to "Nurse Man," who checked my wound constantly and kept me calm during the whole ordeal.

I hope all of you had a most wonderful holiday, and since I'm sure to be back in John Chesnut Park on my bike as soon as possible (with tightened handlebars), whenever I go by Shelter 3 I will remember you wonderful people who took time from your own celebration to aid a stranger.

Linda Luise Treuhaft, Palm Harbor

Holiday light shows.

Gardens' lights are a bright spot

Why does the media always highlight shows in states and cities so far away? If you want to celebrate the holiday of lights, drive to the Botanical Gardens in Largo. This show of lights is installed by master gardeners, other volunteers and a great staff.

All of these states don't have what the gardens have — people who care and joyfully work to bring special memories to those who choose to visit.

There is no admission charge, since it is a county park. If you are a taxpayer or a visitor, you will be warmly welcomed to this annual holiday of lights.

Thank you to all who work all year to bring this light show for everyone to see regardless of religion. This is also a very special place for those who cannot keep up with the foot traffic of the big cities. Bring your camera and smile while enjoying this wonderful light display.

Marie F. Hoke-Singer, Largo

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