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Route air traffic away from Spring Hill

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I know that Hernando County airport has big aspirations of being a major airport in an urban setting. Most flights arrive and take off from there on the west side of the airport, right over a vast residential area of Spring Hill.

To be a good neighbor, if they care, they should look at landing and taking off from the east of the airport. There is nothing east of the airport but fields and woods. Let's be a good neighbor, and arrive and leave to the east of Hernando County Airport. Keep the piece, and avoid future resistance from Spring Hill residents.

Dennis Talbot, Spring Hill

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Free advice to Hernando County commissioners. Please remember for all future road improvements, road widening projects, etc., make sure to include bicycle lanes in order to secure columnist Dan DeWitt's full support.

Any project that will help growth or allow for development to occur will be put down by Mr. DeWitt, unless it also involves large tax increases. Those he really likes.

Mike Gonzalez, Brooksville

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Previous boards of county commissioners failed to hold their administrator. Hence, today's administrator is the ninth since 1990. Administrator changes cost money.

Commissioners should plan to stop this high turnover of administrators.

Thereby, costs could be cut and taxpayers' money saved.

James A. Willan, Brooksville

The hypocrisy of hard line on taxes | Dec. 16 letter

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The letter write is not correct. He probably got his information off the internet.

U.S. Rep. Richard Nugent may be qualified for a federal pension, but it is calculated from a formula that has, as one factor, the number of years of federal service.

Based on the list of jobs mentioned in the letter, his pension would be very small. He seems to have had only two or three years of federal service, where it would require 40 years for a maximum amount (unless he has 30 or so years in the military, which qualifies as federal service).

I think, as a member of Congress of the United States of America, compared to bankers and other CEOs, Rep. Nugent is underpaid. With higher pay, members of Congress would not have to make their fortune from insider trading and quid pro quo legislation.

In fact, I would bet if we passed a law reducing Congress members' pay to zero, with no benefits, few would leave.

John E. Dorgan, Spring Hill

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