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If princesses went to prom

Masquerade Ball

Modeled by: Patrick Lynch, senior, St. Petersburg High, and Lillian Shirley, sophomore, St. Petersburg High

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  1. If princesses went to prom


    Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess who lived in a land called Tampa Bay. For years she was tormented with studies of mathematics and languages of the world, occupying her time with making minimum wage and socializing with her circles of friends. She grew up hearing tales about a warm spring night …

  2. After the prom: Get a room?


    It seems only fitting that Disney's new adaptation of Cinderella has come out around the same time as prom season. The similarities between the story and prom are undeniable. Overworked, dress-code-tired upperclassmen are granted one night a year to leave their suburban drudgery behind and celebrate being young …

  3. DIY flower crown


    Who wants to pay $15 for a flower crown when it can be made at a fraction of the cost? Who wants to be fashionable this spring and not go broke? Any takers? If so, please read along to find how to make a unique flower crown perfect for spring for $5 or less.

    What you will need:

    • Artificial …

    This would be a good, low-cost prom accessory.
  4. Prom fashion tips for men that guarantee a double take


    Prom season is upon us. The time for us guys to focus all of our energy on creative "promposals," corsages, fancy dinners, limousines and promises to parents to have our dates home by midnight.

    Evan Fineout, a Northeast High senior, earned his fashion stripes as a sales associate and model at Sacino’s Formalwear.
  5. 5 ways to spend prom night not at the dance


    Although prom may be seen as a rite of passage and must-go-to event for many teens, there are other ways to celebrate this momentous night. For those who don't like to dance, avoid school-related functions or simply don't want to spend the money for a single night of entertainment, there are other options.

Busch Gardens' newest ride is a drop tower ride called Falcon's Fury, and it will reach speeds of 60 mph.
  6. The skinny: Biden a no-show for teen's prom but sends corsage

    Bizarre News

    Dream date

    Biden a no-show for prom, but sends corsage

  7. At Osceola High, a transgender student makes a run for prom king


    SEMINOLE — Concrete, coveted Osceola High, with its demerit system and monthly parent meetings and ban on flip-flops, is the only fundamental high school in the state of Florida. Fundamental schools, to borrow a phrase from Pinellas literature, are "like schools used to be." Cut off from Lake Seminole by a forest …

  8. The art of the 'promposal': Go big or go alone (w/video)

    Human Interest


    He skipped his last class Thursday, raced up three flights of stairs at the back of his high school, into Room 302, where he had stashed the flowers and his fishing pole.

    Caroline Krueger, 18, of St. Petersburg, a senior at St. Petersburg High School, gets a kiss from her friend, Ryan Anderson, 17, of St. Petersburg, a junior at the school, on Thursday after saying “yes.”
  9. With a little creativity and some research, $100 buys a pretty good prom


    What would you do with $1,139? • Buy a plane ticket to a faraway country? A brand new MacBook? A fancy camera? • How about put it in your college fund? After the joy of college acceptances wears off, the harsh reality hits: College isn't cheap. Tuition, textbooks and room and board add up to some …

    Picking a dress doesn’t have to include stress.
  10. What's your most embarrassing prom moment?


    Prom is supposed to be the perfect night, but more often than not it's plagued with typical teenage awkwardness. Below, Wharton High students share some of their most embarrassing prom faux pas.