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  1. Get your protein and omega-3 fatty acids in Lentil and Salmon Salad


    Sometimes, it's just too hot to turn on the stove. The key is to stock up your kitchen with "healthy convenience food" that doesn't require any heat, such as fresh produce, canned beans, canned fish and small boxes of precooked legumes found in the prepared produce section.

    Lentil and Salmon Salad With Smoky Mustard Dressing comes together quickly, and it’s hearty enough for a summertime supper.
  2. Order takeout from these local restaurants to boost dinnertime inspiration


    If you're rushing home, exhausted, only to find leftovers or an empty fridge instead of mealmaking motivation, you're not alone. Some local favorites that offer takeout can offer a boost of time-saving inspiration. Rather than dressing up for a night out or spending your precious evening hours braising barbecue, opt for …

    You can pick up your meat and barbecue sauce at 4 Rivers Smokehouse and then use it for corn bread sliders.
  3. Cookbook review: 'The First Mess Cookbook' offers an exciting take on the plant-based diet


    Growing up in Ontario, Laura Wright was eating well before she even realized it.

    The First Mess Cookbook: Vibrant Plant-Based Recipes to Eat Well Through the Seasons
By Laura Wright
Avery, 296 pages, $30
  4. From the food editor: How to make your own avocado toast


    As a millennial, I am genetically predisposed to like avocado toast, craving it any time of day, willing to give up a limb to get my hands on some.

    Is that right?

    Homemade avocado toast. Photo by Michelle Stark, Times food editor.
  5. St. Petersburg's Maureen Cacioppo hand-harvests sea salt from the shores of Florida



    We are standing in the sand, deciding whether to traverse a pool of water the tide just brought in.

     nThere are more than 16 Florida Pure Sea Salt flavors, including, clockwise from left, sriracha, maple bacon, “Butcher Block” black pepper and chocolate.
  6. Lunchbox ideas, dinner recipes and food tips for when kids go back to school


    Get ready. Summer officially comes to an end this week as kids in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties head back to school Thursday, Aug. 10 (and those in Pasco and Hernando go back Monday, Aug. 14).

  7. Recipe for a cheesy kale and pasta pleaser


    There are lots of varieties of kale on the market. You can play around with any and all of them in this recipe.

    A topping of Parmesan-infused fried fresh bread crumbs and a smidge of anchovies and red pepper flakes elevates Pasta With Sauteed Kale and Toasted Bread Crumbs.
  8. 5 ideas for cooking with frozen tots


    "You are what you eat, and I'm probably a potato." I'm quoting a friend of mine, but honestly, that sounds about right for me, too. There are all sorts of varieties, but perhaps my favorite potato is one that is shaped like a tater tot. Kids love tots, but I know lots of grownups like myself who cannot pass them …

    Tater Tots are transformed into pa-tot-as bravas, a play on the Spanish dish patatas bravas, with a spicy tomato-chorizo sauce, plus mayo and parsley. (Michael Tercha/Chicago Tribune/TNS)
  9. Cooking Challenge: A late-riser tries to make breakfast every day for a week


    I am not a breakfast person.

    Let me clarify: I love breakfast food. Fluffy buttermilk pancakes? Brioche French toast? Buttery English scones? I could eat them all day. But for a night owl like me, rising early, preparing food and consuming it before work or other activities is almost impossible. I imagine some of …

    Fluffy buttermilk pancakes with melted butter and warm maple syrup are the perfect Saturday morning breakfast.
  10. Recipe: With chickpeas and farro, Chicken Sausage Skillet is a healthy, simple dinner


    For something a little different, try chicken sausage. It's a barely noticeable swap in things like soup or chili, but it can also be the star in a main dish. In this recipe, we're cooking everything in the same skillet to generate maximum flavor, and doubling down on the chicken flavor by using chicken broth to cook …

    Chicken Sausage Skillet recipe. Photo by Michelle Stark, Times food editor.