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Is it worth watching Idris Elba and Kate Winslet freeze in 'The Mountain Between Us'?



Ain't no mountain high enough, no plot valley deep enough, to keep Idris Elba and Kate Winslet from setting off romantic sparks in The Mountain Between Us (PG-13). But this movie surely doesn't do them any favors.

Based on Charles Martin's novel, The Mountain Between Us is movie star chemistry interrupted by a survival yarn without much danger. Even the dog is more indestructible than usual. Winslet and Elba handle hoo-hah like the pros they are, through an hour of clumsy dramatic foreplay then a passionate payoff.

Director Hany Abu-Assad (Paradise Now) wastes no time getting soapy. In a snowbound airport, Ben Bass (Elba) is a neuro­surgeon needing to reach Denver for a child's surgery and Alex Martin (Winslet) is a photojournalist going there for her wedding the next day.

Their only chance is hiring a private pilot (Beau Bridges) who doesn't file a flight plan then has a mid flight stroke. Somehow his dog, known only as Dog, avoids being sucked out when the plane's tail section is ripped away by a mountaintop. Alex survives the crash with a broken leg and facial bruises accenting her cheekbones. Ben gets a couple of broken ribs for prime torso exposure. Dog is fine.

No cell phone reception but the pilot left behind a lighter and flare gun. Ben and Alex decide to sit tight in the wreckage until they change their minds. Meanwhile, they get to know each other through lighter, more intrusive convos than the situation demands, or Alex rifling through luggage to find Ben's emotional baggage.

Ben climbs higher to get a better look and his big chance to die but doesn't, giving Alex down time with Dog and a cougar who doesn't appear hungry. Abu-Assad's staging of the cougar's "attack" amuses, first with off-camera sound effects while Alex cringes then its ambitiously cheap effect saving her. That's it for action until a bear trap snaps everyone awake.

Meanwhile, Elba and Winslet look marvelous against Rocky Mountain backdrops, decked out in fine winter wear, not exhaling mist as much as frigid conditions would suggest. A month into survival Alex and Ben finally peel off their parkas. Wouldn't you know, they make it back to civilization and Alex's fiance (Dermot Mulroney) the next day.

That's when The Mountain Between Us stops being a molehill survival tale and embraces its melodramatic potential, taking Winslet and Elba's chemistry to as many emotional extremes as possible in 20 minutes. The movie finds a perfect place to end and doesn't, finds another and declines again. The actors make such piling on easier to take. C


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